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Day 1 from Mitch's perspective

Day 1 from Mitch's perspective
Driving the ZR1 across the USA is pure bliss. After my first stint at the wheel all I can say is how fantastic the brakes feel; linear and powerful. The transmission is the smoothest shifting one I have ever driven in my 25 years of driving. Power for passing is what you would expect WOW! How do I get on the list to buy one of these cars is what I keep thinking as we drive across Illinois.

The reaction of others on the road is pure respect as we pass car after car. The number of thumbs-up I have seen makes me remember how fantastic a job I do have. Just pulling into a local show-n-shine last night caused people driving down the street to stop there for the first time just so they could take a peek. Looking forward to the next few days is an understatement.

Stay tuned for day two.


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