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Well Hello.
My wife and I have had 4 C4s over more than 20 years. Mostly mine but she would drive occasionally. All that changed a few weeks ago. After a lot of soul searching... I looked for my dream car. A C6 Z06. I looked for months and found it. 07, Yellow, Nav, heated, memory, loaded. 18000 mile one owner car. I had it 1 day and let my wife drive it. BIG MISTAKE. In 1 test drive I lost my dream car to my wife. After her drive in the car she looked at me and said what are you gonna drive ???? Her eyes were big and she was breathing hard. The same as me the night B4. OMG what a car. Words can't describe it. A total Zen experience. I just sent in my down on a second one. Another 07. A great deal. 9500 miles on this one. It should be here in about 2 weeks. While we will keep our Subaru for winter driving, these will be our daily drivers. What a pleasure to drive. And OMG do people drive aggressively around this car. The C4s were once in a while a kid would try you.
So, my wife and I will have matching Z06s. It didn't start like this, but it ended up this way. I have loved the Corvette since my first taste at 15 years old in a 67 Stingray the mechanic was doing some work on in the gas station I was pumping gas at so I could buy my first car. It was a Gremlin. I know.... My second car was a 68 Charger w/ a 383. I was hooked on speed. 11 Chargers later I bought my first C4. An 88' fully loaded and that was it for Mopars. Done. Finished. I was hooked for life on the vette. That was in 92. At 54 my wife and I decided to get what I wanted in a newer car. The brass ring. If you could get anything you wanted in a Corvette for everyday use, good mileage, looks, features, color, everything. Spending the kids inheritance so to speak. So I bought it, and lost it. We will post some pics when the second one arrives. I can't say enough about this car. And neither can she. I bought her a 70' Cuda in the mid 80s and she was hooked on that car. Sold it in 88 and until now never showed much interest in my car. That too is over. So this is how we ended up. The story will continue.....
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